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Just imagine you can have a highly converting sales funnel for your business using a powerful lead generation method that works 24/7 with a 3x ROAS min. Interested?
Facebook and Instagram

We Use Facebook and Instagram to Find ‘Warm’ Clients for Your Products and Services Fast

If You Are Ready To Get The Result
as Bunch of Leads in the First Week

Why Use Facebook & Instagram Ads?

You can achieve predictable growth that is unimaginable on any other platform

Clear ROI & ROAS

Clear ROI & ROAS

We increase ROI and ROAS by segmenting the audience to bring the individual message to each audience.
Laser Targeting

Laser Targeting

Target your ideal clients for Product or Service by location, age, gender, income, and interests
Get Results Fast

Get Results Fast

Facebook Ads will get your Product or Service in front of prospects in days, not months
Process Automation

Process Automation

Automate the sale process with chatbots to increasing the conversion rates 24/7


of Facebook and Instagram Ads


High Quality Prospects

High-quality prospects generated by our proprietary process, the sample tested over a hundred times to help you generate more business

Done with you Service

Bespoke solutions produce the best results & our service is custom-tailored to your industry and niche

3X more deals

Generate more deals by personalized one-to-one conversations at scale with the power of digital

What Will You Get Working With Us

IVCOR Digital’s mission is to become earth’s most results-driven Ecommerce and Info Product marketing agency. So we’ve almost completely removed the risk entirely for our clients. We ask for a minimal service fee to make sure we are both committed. The rest is 100% performance-based, which means your success is our success.


You will get the Cuted the Sales Cycle


You Will Get the Result in the First Wee


You'll Get the Identified Target Audience


You Won't Need any Cold Calls Anymore


You'll Get the Proved Promotional Methods


You'll Get the Highly Converting Sale Funnel

We improve your lead generation from Facebook and Instagram Ads Fast. That will allow you-self to migrate away from costly and ineffective lead sources.

The primary goal is to increase company sales, boost ROI, and improving ROAS through smart thinking and data analysis.

We’ve Got You Covered

Identify Audience

After identifying your audience, we will figure out how to most effectively communicate with them.

Ads campaign creation

In the course of this phase, we’ll make creatives for the ads, come up with copy and set up the structure of the campaign: ads, ad sets, audiences, etc.

Testing and optimizing

This phase is all about looking for the performance of the ads, prospecting new audiences, optimizing the campaigns for higher ROAS.

Ads campaign Scaling

Based on best-performed campaigns / adsets / creatives we use special techniques to scale it.

Our Prices

Our prices are very easy to understand.
There’s not any extra or hidden fee. You just pay what is listed here.

Our base plan



10% Ad Spent

per month

Grow Up

Your Sales with

IVCOR Digital

Strategy session

Setting up Facebook Ads Manager

Collect and segment the target audience

Testing the audience, formats, devices

Adjusting the prices of a click / subscriber / request

Weekly report of campaign result

ivcor digital

Join The List Of Successful Founders Who Generate Sales On Facebook and Instagram Ads

And You’ll Generate Tangible, Profitable, and Measurable ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) too. Makes Sense?

Our 7-day Trial

How To Start Safe

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  • No Contract
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We offer a special offer to prove our ability to deliver you the best result in Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Try our 7-day trial with no fixed retainers, just with a starter budget on Ad Spends.
And you can start with a just €50 daily ad budget.

Then, during that 7-day, will be started the learning process of the ads from the Facebook side without scaling the budget.

And only after that period and results of ad campaign you will decide to work with us or not

And BTW you won’t pay us any cents during this period.

Make sense?

Our Team of Experts

Max Burov

Facebook Media Buyer

Justin Fujione

Facebook Media Buyer

Rebecca Kiunne

Facebook Media Buyer

Let’s Get Started

Are You Ready To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Budget?

Who This is For:


Business owners who feel as though they have hit a glass ceiling and want to smash through it


Businesses who want a predictable and profitable money machine that runs 24/7


Businesses that are tired of working with agencies that promise the world and deliver nothing


Businesses that want severe scale through paid traffic and unmatched sales processes


Businesses who want to make sure that they are getting everything out of their marketing budget by ensuring their current advertising system and sales funnels are operating at the highest level


Businesses looking to understand their increased revenue potential with Facebook/Instagram ads & conversion rate optimisation

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We power inbound marketing programs that generate qualified leads and nurture sales opportunities. We build vetting and nurturing systems to ensure that our clients can scale up their marketing and sales efforts intelligently

We’re Ready to Generate Bunch of Leads For Your Product or Service. Are you ready to handle this flow?


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