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Join the list of successful businesses who attract clients from Facebook and Instagram ads by using our services. And you can generate tangible, profitable, and measurable ROAS, too.

We use Facebook and Instagram to find ‘warm’ clients for your products and services fast – fast means days, not months.

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What we solve

The most important number to us is ROAS

Targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram allow you to get more potential clients into your sales funnel and increase your revenue drastically. We are here to solve any of the following issues in order to increase your ROAS:


iOS 14 Ready

We are ready for users who opt-out of their tracking; we have already implemented the necessary solutions to our clients.


Communication Strategy

We plan and create scenarios of communication for the user acquisition and retargeting campaigns.


Ad Fatigue

We prevent the same ad creatives from occurring over and over again, while repeatedly reaching the same audience.


Wrong Audience

All our ads campaigns get your ad in front of people who want what your business offers.


Audience Overlapping

If a potential customers is a part of more than one targeted audience, we ensure each ad set will has a specific and distinct audience


Tracking Issues

We implement Facebook Pixel and Conversion API to prevent any issues with tracking events on your site


Ad Campaign Scale-up

Facebook has Machine Learning algorithms and we scale-up the ad campaigns step by step to increase your ROAS.


Performance Dashboard

We collect all data sources in one place to visualize your data, and then implement it into one dashboard with real-time updates.

What’s the result?


Make sense?

Why Use Facebook & Instagram Ads?

You can achieve predictable growth that is unimaginable on any other platform

Clear ROI & ROAS

Clear ROI & ROAS

We increase ROI and ROAS by segmenting the audience to bring your unique message to each prospect group.

Laser Targeting

Laser Targeting

Target your ideal clients for products or services by location, age, gender, income, and interests

Get Results Fast

Get Results Fast

Facebook ads will get your product or service in front of prospects in days, not months

Process Automation

Process Automation

Automate the sale process with chatbots to increase the conversion rates 24/7

What’s covered

The primary goal is to increase your company sales, boost ROI, and improve ROAS through smart thinking and data analysis.

We improve your lead generation from Facebook and Instagram ads fast, which will allow you to migrate away from costly and ineffective client acquisition sources

And now we’re ready to generate a bunch of leads for your product or service!

So, if you are ready to handle this flow, reach out to us, and let’s get started!

Sales Funnel

Analysis and implementation of a sales funnel based on a marketing model.

Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map is created based on traffic map analysis.

Facebook Ads Manager

Creating and configuring Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Business page

Google Tag Manager

Implementation of Google Tag Manager for analytics and conversion tracking

Facebook Pixel

FB pixel implementation on pages based on the sales funnel and events prioritization

Conversion API

Conversions API implementation to send events from the server to Facebook

User Acquisition

Creating communication strategy to attract new prospects


Creating communication strategy for custom audiences to attract more leads and sales

Dynamic Ads

Creating catalogs to deliver automatically relevant offerings based on user actions

Campaign Scale-Up

Strategy to increase the daily ad budget in order to expand the target audience and sales

How To Start

There are 4 simple steps to follow to get and your online sales to start growing

Step 1:

Schedule a Meeting

We’ll get to know each other better during this quick call, chat about your current marketing results, and discuss your goals and KPIs.

Step 2:

Share Facebook Ad Account

To make a full analysis of your current ads campaign situation we will ask you to add us to your Facebook Ad Manager.

Step 3:

Problems and Solutions

After the analysis is completed, we’ll prepare a presentation where we describe current issues and propose effective solutions.

Step 4:

Sign the Contract

Signing a contract is the last step in negotiations and the first step in a long-term collaboration.

Our Prices

Our prices are very easy to understand.
There aren’t any extras or hidden fees. You just pay what is listed here. We ask for a minimal service fee to make sure we are both committed. The rest is 100% performance-based, which means your success is our success.

ivcor digital

Join the list of successful founders who generate sales on Facebook and Instagram ads,

and you’ll generate tangible, profitable, and measurable ROAS too with us

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Business owners who feel as though they have hit a plateau and want to smash through it


Businesses who want a predictable and profitable money machine that runs 24/7


Businesses that are tired of working with agencies that promise the world and deliver nothing


Businesses that want high levels of paid traffic and unmatched sales processes


Businesses who want to get everything out of their marketing budget by ensuring their current advertising system and sales funnels are operating at peak efficiency


Businesses looking to understand their increased revenue potential with Facebook and Instagram ads & conversion rate optimisation

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Our primary goal is to increase client's company sales, boost ROI, and improve ROAS through smart thinking and data analysis.

We improve client's lead generation from Facebook and Instagram ads fast which allows them to migrate away from costly and ineffective client acquisition sources.

We’re ready to generate bunch of leads for your product or service. Are you ready to handle this flow?

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